This is What The View Inside Me is All About

Hi there! I am Marc Winn, and this blog is literally a series of snapshots from inside my mind. And this is why …

  • Have you ever felt that you are alone in what you want to achieve in the world?
  • Have you ever felt something inside telling you that you are capable of something more?
  • Have you ever felt that there is a better way and are frustrated that nothing seems to be being done about it?
  • Have you ever heard the phrase ‘it will never work?’ or ‘it can’t be done?’.

Yes? Well I have too.

It is the voice of the status quo. It is the voice of fear and reason. It is the voice of the passenger and not the participant – quite simply, it is the voice that holds us all back.

And yet nothing great in the world has ever been achieved by listening to it. Nothing great has ever been done by keepings things just the way they were. Nothing great has ever been done by hiding from what we are capable of.

Everything that is truly progressive comes from a place of discovery and uncertainty.  Everything that is new and wonderful has, more often than not, been scorned and criticised before it became a reality.

Above all, every change, every piece of progress comes from a human being. That is you. That is me.

I share this part of me to connect with that part of you.

Here is How The View Inside Me Helps You Make Great Things Happen

The View Inside Me is a companion of possibility.

It is all about transferring a world changing mindset from one person to another.

It is designed to help fuel your mind to bigger and better things. It is designed to support you in your quest to be the change you want in the world.

Each and every post is a provocation that is designed to make you think and reflect. Each post in isolation is interesting and thought provoking but the real impact is reading these posts regularly over time.

They are designed to create mindshift and to develop a new kind of mentality. They are designed to challenge you into playing a bigger game. They are designed to get you to ignore the conventional rules of society and look to build your life the way you truly want it to be.

There is a gap between what is actually possible and what the world thinks possible. There is a gap between what you are feeling on the inside and what is possible on the outside. The View Inside Me is here to help you bridge that gap.

You are the one that will make the change happen in the world.

You are the one that will find the very best version of yourself.

The View Inside Me is all about helping you discover the person that you could be.

You do not have to do this on your own,  sign up and connect with me today.

Marc Winn – The Man & The Mission

On the 4th of November 2010 everything changed for me. I gave up being average. I gave up playing it safe.

I was a very successful entrepreneur in many people’s eyes but deep down I knew I was only tapping into a very small amount of my potential.

On that day I decided to go big.

It was on that day that I decided to do what it took to live the life I could live and to make change happen in the world.

It was on that day I committed to being the very best version of me.

My primary mission and purpose is to have a great day every day. A REALLY great day EVERY day. I am doing this whilst helping others make a huge impact on the human race and at the same time being a great father and husband.

I live a remarkable life and I passionately believe that you can too.

I could let you see my CV here and it would be OK. I could spend the time getting published in this place or that. I could give you testimonials from all the people that I have worked with and touched over the years. But that just isn’t my way as that would be following someone else’s rules.

Instead come and learn more about me. Spend time with me. Spend time in my head by reading the posts of this blog. Spend time by having a cup of coffee with me.

The bottom line is – I can help you. Spend time with me and you will feel it. Likewise I haven’t found anyone that can’t help me in some way. So I would love to spend time with you as well.

Together we are stronger. Sign up and let’s connect today.

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