The Top 20 Views Inside My Head

Here are 20 of my favourite posts from the last few years.

  1. What is your Ikigai? This post has been seen by tens of millions worldwide. Read the story behind it Meme Seeding
  2. The Best Place to Live on Earth
  3. Imaginal Cells
  4. The Power of Small Actions
  5. The Skunk Works
  6. Fixing the Broken Triangle
  7. What If The Impossible Was Possible
  8. The Shift from Wealth to Impact
  9. Blank Sheet Thinking
  10. The Apollo Principle
  11. Will you live to be 200
  12. Why small nations can change the world
  13. Privacy is Dead. Long Live Transparency!
  14. The Inside Out
  15. The Bucket List, and Your Return on Adventure
  16. F*ck it! I’m Off to Change the World…
  17. You are Going to Die
  18. The Aggregation of Marginal Gains
  19. Do you know why I write this blog?
  20. Why My Dog is my Mentor?

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