A few thank yous

I didn’t used to like doing this blog. It was kind of a self imposed penance. After I got to about 50 posts then I started to really enjoy what I was producing.

It is now one of my favourite things to do in the world. It is humbling to do something that makes a difference to peoples lives.

Thank you to all my patrons that support me financially to make what I do possible in the world.

I would never be able to do this work without my band of incredible helpers making me look good.

Thank you to Nicholas Tart who was mad enough to want to design this awesome blog for me.

Thank you to Linda Innes who covers me for all the English classes that were I was sitting at the back causing trouble.

Thank you to Amanda Jenks for the incredible cartoons that she keeps churning out for me at short notice.

Thank you to Paul Chambers for the use of the coffee mug and the great photography.

Thank you to all the wonderful thought leaders, change makers and mavericks out there that have inspired all my work.

Thank you to everyone who reads what I produce and also to those who feedback on what I write. This would not be possible without the constant feedback that what I do matters.

And last but not least my wonderful wife Valerie, my wonderful children Charlie, Bertie and Emilie. Without them there would be little point bothering getting out of bed in the morning, let alone finding the motivation to write about anything.

You are all incredible.