Does anyone ever read the small print?

There is a lot about the world around me that puzzles me. God forsaken legal mumbo jumbo is one of them. I just can’t bring myself to do a privacy policy or terms and conditions. It would involve something inauthentic like copying and pasting.

If I am the first person arrested in the world for not doing it then I think it will make some pretty cool press articles. It would be like a mischief maker’s badge of honour.

Life is too short to fill it with crap that we just don’t need. If you have got down to the bottom of this page and have taken the time to explore further then I salute you.

You have an eye for detail that is way above mine. Make sure you use the eye because it is the small things in life that can bring us all so much pleasure.

Don’t forget to look up and see the sky though. The big picture can also be beautiful.