2 years

2 years

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It is just under two years since I publicly declared in a blog post that I was going to change the world. It is just under two years since I took the leap, left my comfort zone and lived up to what I am truly capable of.

I wrote that post after completely rewiring how I think about the world. I had just been to Singularity University for the first time and was embarking on a 10 month business alignment programme. Together, those programmes and my subsequent explorations were a huge investment. They now form the foundation of everything I do in the world today.

When I made that commitment to the world a short time ago, I had no idea what life would be like today, or what I would be doing. All I knew was that I couldn’t hide from myself any more.

Few people know that I faced a choice the year before. I could have gone backwards and played it safe, or I could take a risk with a bold leap forward. I chose to leap.

My wife and I sold our beloved house to give us the financial room to grow as people and as parents. We could so easily have taken jobs, played it safe and lived someone else’s life. Thankfully, we didn’t. Thankfully, we just couldn’t.

March 2015 is the biggest month of my life, so far. I am running two events that I know will contribute to making a massive difference in the world.

The outcomes of what I do every day mean that my bold decision two years ago was utterly worthwhile. In the moments before I go to sleep at night, I rest well these days, knowing that what matters in my life is all now moving in the direction I want it to.

Over the years, I have worked with dozens and dozens of people on their transformation from the life they were living to the life they were born to live. The same timescale seems to occur, time after time. The process takes two years.

We tend to overestimate what we should be able to achieve in the short term. When people don’t see results happening fast, I see many people stop just before they succeed. I see many people not give themselves enough time and money to make the change they desire. I see many people not quite make it over the divide. They just didn’t give themselves long enough.

I also see many people who are not willing to go backwards to move forwards; not willing to take that bold step to take advantage of an incredible life on the other side. Most people really have no idea how good life can be.You see, what most people also do is underestimate the long term impact of the 2-year transition.

If you want freedom, then invest 2 years and commit wholeheartedly to your potential. That is just 2 years of trial, error, coffee, conversation, trial, error, to find your true path. 2 years of being all in. 2 years of putting one foot in front of the other, even on days when you just can’t see a way through.

I have rarely seen anyone who did not see light at the end of the 2-year tunnel. I have rarely seen anyone who didn’t underestimate how bright that light would be.

When will you spend the 2 years it takes to establish the life you were born to live?

There is never a more convenient time to say it out loud and start to make it happen.

I know you can do it.

The question is – do you?

To living your full potential.


P.S. Let me know about your 2-year transitions in the comments below.

P.P.S. There is one place still available on my ‘Change the world retreat’ in Seville and tickets to the incredible TEDxStPeterPort are still available to buy here.

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  1. Marc, thanks for the post and so grateful to have been able to see your progress and hear stories from along the way! Such an encouragement so thank you.

  2. Congratulation
    With all the best

  3. Liz Adams says

    hi Marc
    Do you have half day tickets for the. 26th….I work on Thursday mornings!,

    All the best

  4. Housing in Guernsey is a major drag on personal growth. Young, enthusiastic, creative people soon find that they work mostly to pay for a roof over their heads – and it belongs to someone else. They just rent. It’s that or live with parents (if possible).

    Soon enough they work just to live. The energy will be knocked out of them. Or they will leave Guernsey.

    Solution? Micro housing – and we’re on it! 🙂

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