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Breathing is such a simple thing. And yet we take it for granted.

My recently newborn son struggled to breathe on his own for the first days of his life. As a result of this, I have a newfound appreciation for the wonder of breathing and its capacity for life. After all, without it, none of us would exist.

It sounds strange, but breathing well is probably the simplest thing you can do that will make the biggest difference.

Most people tend to breathe shallow, short breaths that don’t fully oxygenate us, and in stressful circumstances, this can lead to hyperventilation. Conversely, fully inflating our lungs by taking in deep, long breaths of cleansing oxygen feeds our blood and organs, while breathing out long exhalations removes poisonous carbon dioxide and other waste. Simply put – slow and deep is the way.

Because breathing is an unconscious act, we often forget we’re doing it. Yet, drawing our consciousness to our breathing means that we can take control of this vital life-giving function. 

Whenever I feel overwhelmed or stressed, I breathe.

Whenever I catch myself worrying about something, I breathe.

Whenever life moves too fast and I feel my mind racing, I breathe.

Whenever I am afraid of something or feel nervous, I breathe.

Whenever I want to let go of anger, I breathe.

Whenever I can’t sleep, I breathe.

Whenever I want to really listen or be there for someone, I breathe.

Whenever I want to run faster, I breathe.

Whenever I want to come up with better ideas, I just go outside and breathe.

Whenever I want to appreciate something, I breathe.

Could life really be that simple?

To the air that we breathe.


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  1. In answer to your question is life really this simple?


  2. Yes, life can be really that simple…only if we learn how to consciously breathe.

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