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Could you have predicted the Internet before it happened?

Could you have predicted the rise of Donald Trump?

Many things that change the world are hard to predict. They seem to emerge from nowhere.

Much that is written about the future contains no predictions of ‘emergence’. No mention that unexpected shift can and will happen.

I have never really seen an economic projection that mentions an economic crash – yet there are always economic crashes.

I have never really seen predictions of political revolutions – yet big political shifts always happen, around the world.

I see very little government and corporate policy that takes into account the massive shifts occurring in technology and human desires.

In my own life, and in myself, ways of thinking and being have emerged over the past few years that I could never have predicted. Fundamental shifts in my own consciousness have arisen to transform me, so I can now see and understand things that I could not have comprehended in the past. Had I predicted any of this? Absolutely not.

When we don’t understand how things will possibly occur, we struggle to predict them. Yet we all know that, somehow, these ‘unpredictable’ things are happening, with increasing regularity. We might as well predict unpredictability. Human beings struggle with that ambiguity.

To me, this ‘emergence’ is a really positive thing for everyone to consider. Sometimes, the world appears to be chaotic and awful – if you follow the news media. Although huge negatives will no doubt occur in the weeks, months and years ahead, I remain really positive that solutions will emerge. These solutions cannot be predicted, but they will transform this planet into a completely new reality in a relatively short space of time.

I benefit greatly from this thought-space of knowing that new wonders will emerge that I can’t currently see. Every day, negatives in the world are creating emergent positives, and I assume that this will increasingly happen. Each negative calls more people to action to create a better and more positive world. That’s my prediction.

I ask you to consider:

  • What positives will emerge from perceived negatives like the rise of Donald Trump, or from Brexit?
  • As more incredible ways of solving problems emerge, how will life be transformed for the better?
  • How can you transform negatives in your own life into positives?
  • How will you prepare for the emergence of possibilities in your own life?
  • How can you capitalise on opportunities that you could not foresee?

Food for thought.

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  1. How will you prepare for the emergence of possibilities in your own life?

    Plan less, and learn more.

    How can you capitalise on opportunities that you could not foresee?

    Respond to the unpredicted opportunities that are emerging *now*.

  2. Bryan Marsh says

    Lovely thoughts Marc. Of course the Mayan End Date of 2012 was predicted to take us forward on a Zuveya Wave of a new Golden Age, as the galactic alignment occurs only once every 26,000 years. We are here at this time to assist and enjoy a major transformation, so all your above “thoughts”, are part of the new paradigm-shifting consciousness that man would always return to in due course. That is before it is once again destroyed nearer the end of the next cycle and starts all over again!

    Suffice to say, the hippy days of the 60s began a truly monumental shift admitting that war simply solves nothing. But world order and global control by a small world elite is also unacceptable. Social media has transformed the emergence of group thought which spirutal seers have been eluding to for these past centuries. Everything comes to he who not only waits, but ones assisance in the transformation of our rather brutal species, by steady progression into a loving and caring species who must learn to deal with a society at the endless boundary of technology, knowledge and its emerging wisdom.

    The olden soothe Sayers were mercilessly cajoled and treated with a form of absolute derision, but man is discovering that material science simply can neither explain nor relate to the universal construct by remaining in an old system of theories. Quantum existence is real and we are coming to terms with the fact that we are not human beings having a spiritual experience but rather spirutal beings having a human experience! As I have heard you mention in the past, “watch this space”: all is not what it would seem from our purely physical existences…

  3. Kellie Brooks says

    Within every “problem” there lies the solution; they go hand-in-hand. When we expand our consciousness, what seemed problematic before, simply dissolves. Hence, it’s all unfolding, at once, within this precious paradigm we get to experience as bodies: time/space. Wheeeeeeeeeeee!

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