Happy  Christmas!

Happy Christmas!

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Happy Christmas!

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  1. I want to thank you for mark for the Happy Christmas note inform you that fortunately my birthday was December 25, 1941, so I celebrate both – I usually get double given to occasion to one day.

    You’re an interesting approach , and for 5 years I’ve been working with a group of people to solve one of the most complex problems in the hospitality world. There’s been left out there with no solutions. 2013 brought the last pieces of this difficult but necessary business model to its final steps – you are correct. Mark 2014 will be a huge year.

    I appreciate your message and keeping me on your list given your positive reinforcement for all of us that struggled through and came out with answers in our new economy.

    Have a very prosperous 2014. Look forward to your weekly insights.

    John Meeske

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