How to Start an AI Adoption Group

How to Start an AI Adoption Group

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Starting an AI Adoption Group can be as simple and enjoyable as meeting up for coffee. Here’s how you can create a space for sharing and learning about AI in your community or organisation:

1. Choose a Casual Setting: Find a cosy, informal space like a coffee shop. The relaxed atmosphere is perfect for open, engaging discussions.

2. Regular Meetups: Decide whether weekly or monthly meetings work best for your group. Stick to a regular date to build consistency and make it easier for people to remember and plan.

3. Open Invitation: Encourage anyone interested in AI to join. It’s all about sharing the journey, not about expertise.

4. Share and Learn Together: Each meeting, share what you’ve learned about AI, be it from personal experiences, articles, or experiments. It’s about learning together.

5. Create a WhatsApp Group: This allows members to share interesting finds, thoughts, or questions between meetings. It keeps the conversation going and the group connected.

6. Make It Personal and Private: Focus on how AI impacts personal lives, as this often resonates more and requires less formal permission or understanding.

7. Encourage Engagement: Sometimes, small gestures like buying coffee or lunch can make a big difference in creating a welcoming environment.

Remember, the most significant aspect of these meetups is the shared experience and the journey of learning about AI together. If you’re keen to be part of this simple yet enriching experience, let’s grab a coffee and start this journey. Looking forward to learning and growing together!

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