I wish I had the words

I wish I had the words

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“I wish I had the words,” I said to myself.

After a challenging media interview recently, I shed some tears of frustration because I had struggled to express what I wanted to convey.

I have often felt this way – even more so, when I was younger. I feel as if I am trying to communicate with the world through a tiny straw – trying to express the infinite ocean of information within me through a tiny pipe of words.

I think I am better with words, these days. I think I am articulate. And yet nothing I can say comes even close to communicating everything I would like to explain. Eye contact and body language all help to convey the message, but still, so much remains unexpressed.

On a global scale, how many of our major challenges – war, conflict, social disunity – are down to a lack of mutual understanding with those around us?

Thinking about the issues that exist within my own community, communication lies at the heart of most of them. If people had the ability and time to express how they truly felt, they would find much more commonality and humanity.

There is an emergent answer to this challenge of communication; using technology that some people have been capable of using, instinctively. That technology is telepathy.

I’m talking about the kind of ultra-high bandwidth communication that renders deep, instantaneous understanding between human beings.

I have experienced this in fleeting moments with a lover, a child and even an animal – a connection that creates an indescribable level of knowing and understanding. Many people know what it feels like, to communicate with someone in that way, even momentarily.

I believe that developing and extending those fleeting moments of profound communication can emerge as the norm: offering a richness of interaction with the world, beyond words.

I’m really passionate about solving communication issues. My own struggles arose from my inability to truly express how I feel. So much division and hatred in the world comes from people misunderstanding or being incapable of appreciating someone else’s feelings or point of view.

There has to be a life beyond e-mail and messaging. There has to be a much richer life beyond.

I, for one, am dedicated to making that happen.

To deep human connection.


P.s. If you are interested in solving telepathy then getintouch@marcwinn.com

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  1. Interesting post and agree! Folks like the HeartMath guys are broadening our understanding of how our thinking communicates via our heart rhythm patterns, also the work in Germany on communication between trees is fascinating – https://www.nytimes.com/2016/01/30/world/europe/german-forest-ranger-finds-that-trees-have-social-networks-too.html?_r=0

  2. Aindre Reece-Sheerin says

    happy to help any way I can You have my number get in touch – Warmly Aindre

  3. Once my little project is finished, i’ll pop around and we can tune in to the DMT channel and exchange business ideas without talking ! Interesting read though mate. Couldn’t of said it better myself.

  4. Enjoyed your article Mark.
    It reminded me of hypnotic rapport where you as hypnotist ‘go first’ and enter a mild trance and think about your client having a wonderful experience. As the client goes deeper into trance you can sometimes be aware of what they are thinking or feeling before they mention it, even when working over the internet.

    Vicky – I think the HeartMath guys have some very interesting material especially how breathing can influence our heart rate variability which in turn affects he way we communicate. We generate electromagnetic fields which can be detected several feet away. From memory you do a long breath with a ratio of about 7 in to 11 out and imagine you are breathing through your heart.
    You can also lessen pain by imagining breathing through the pain.

  5. Jessica Dogantemur says

    Such a beautiful expression of the preciousness of the unspoken moments that often pass between us. We are conduits through which meaning flows. The more we are receptive, the more we receive. And the more we are expressive, the more we are able to share. And when we open ourselves to the beauty of the world around us and to all of the beings in it…and especially HUMAN beings…the more that we are happy in every moment, even those which are seemingly filled with pain.

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