Letting It Flow

Letting It Flow

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Most mornings, I walk my faithful hound along beside a stream, towards a field of dandelions. Daily, it is a therapeutic and life-resetting journey for me. The stream serves as a constant reminder to go with the flow, rather than swimming against the current.

Following this principle is key to our project to make Guernsey the best place to live on earth by 2020.

At various stages in our journey, we have had opportunities to get into deep conflict or to struggle against opposition. There have been times when it would have felt good to keep fighting until we won the day. But as soon as we became aware of that urge, we always tried to let go.

In our community, thousands of things need improvement, so spending time on things that are too difficult or not ripe for change is just a waste of energy when there are easier things available for transformation.

Running water always finds its way to the sea, following the path of least resistance. Changing culture is very much like that. Why struggle against a barrier, or fixate on something immovable when you can, in fact, go around it and still reach your goal?

That is the great thing about having so much to do. You keep moving.

Achieving the simplest things first, builds trust and credibility with others – which can make the harder things easier, later down the road. Not fighting also builds good faith and reputation over time. There will be another way.

Letting go requires a belief that if something proves difficult to do, it may not be your task right now, or that you are yet to find the easy way.

To succeed, trust that the many people involved in any system each have the capacity and desire to make a difference. In moving forward with integrity, others will follow, more easily.

I see system change as a martial art rather than a boxing match. It involves following the flow and using the energy already there, rather than feeling the need to fight against it.

To letting it flow.


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  1. There is some wisdom in ” going with the flow”. However I believe that if you really want to change something you should not be afraid to go against the flow, keeping in mind that”only dead fish go with the flow”

  2. Good one Marc, I’ve been so busy recently (I’m sure you’ll have some advice there too!) that this is the first one I’ve read.
    Very sound advice, thanks. Note to self; read moe of Marc’s posts!!
    Hope all well
    All best

  3. Sounds right to me! Nice reminder to stay focused on the process instead of investing in the outcome. Good job Marc, I love your writings and am inspired by your work!

  4. Going with the flow is always best policy and less stress!

    Some mornings I go for a run and it gets the juices flowing.

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