Quite frankly I couldn’t give a **** about your business

Quite frankly I couldn’t give a **** about your business

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“If only. Those must be the two saddest words in the world”
Mercedes Lackey

Where are you trying to get to?’ That is a question that I ask every entrepreneur I work with:

Without fail, I get an answer about their business. But it is a trick question. This is just a way of them reaffirming the problem.

I couldn’t really care where the business is trying to get to, unless I first have the answer to the question I actually asked:

‘Where are you trying to get to?’ As a person?

The truth is that most entrepreneurs – and people in general for that matter – don’t actually know where they are going. To me, that’s a pretty crazy thing to confess. It’s like heading off hiking without either a destination or a map. You would berate yourself for having no plan for your business, but all too frequently people do not have a plan for themselves.

“A plan? For me? When I sell the business, I will think about it,” I often hear. “But first I just have to pay off the mortgage and have some money in the bank,” they continue, providing a variety of excuses for their lack of self-direction.

To me, this is a complete tragedy, because this attitude assumes that the only route is to build a business, grow it, grow it some more, maybe get a bit more growth out of it, and one day, sell it.

Before considering the business, think about:

● the outcome you want for yourself
● the ideal image for the lifestyle you’d like
● the person you want to be

Apply the same entrepreneurial creativity to develop this ideal life as you would to business, and the same strategies, process and execution as you devote to work, and you could build the life you want in no time!

They say that constraint drives innovation. So put this constraint into the mix: ‘I would like to live a great life whilst building my business.’

Do you work to live, or live to work?

Slavery to business is the societal norm today, rather than business delivering great lifestyles. I have seen far too many deathbed regrets, destroyed lives, poor health, addictions, and broken families to believe that business for its own sake is a good thing. Business has to deliver something wonderful to owners today – not tomorrow or in the distant future.

The concept of ‘money tomorrow’ at the expense of ‘life today’ is utter madness. You can actually have it all. CLICK TO TWEET

You must have a good life today – otherwise what is the point? There is an infinite number of ways to make a great living. So if you’re not happy and satisfied now – do something different. Make some kind of change, however small or large. Come home in time to read your child a story. Take a month’s holiday! Sell a business now, or start another. Why wouldn’t you do something that gives you a great life? Don’t tolerate anything less. That’s really all there is to it!

I promise you: you can build the business and the life of your dreams, whilst still making the money you think you need to thrive. It is allowed.

I don’t do what I do to help people build remarkable businesses. I do what I do to help build remarkable people, living remarkable lives. People who happen to have a business that can help them to do that. The only thing I really give a **** about is you – and the life you could be living. CLICK TO TWEET

Remember – you just get one shot at life. But you can have as many businesses as you want. ‘Life First’ entrepreneurship is the only way.

So flip the business model and choose the great life that is right in front of you. The madness must stop! Work-life balance isn’t just a vague phrase describing something intangible. Take your life in your own hands.

Get in touch if you would like to learn more about Life First entrepreneurship. Tell us your life first entrepreneurship stories, and help inspire others to choose a better way.

If the above topic, or indeed any of my blogs are of interest to you, then contact me and let’s talk! Drop me an email at getintouch@marcwinn.com.

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