Raising the State

Raising the State

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Two weeks ago I wrote a blog post on forgiveness – which proved to receive quite a bit of feedback. Most of it has been overwhelmingly positive, but there have been a couple of questions worth further consideration.

Some people asked: ‘What if I can’t forgive?’ Some of you find it an impossible task to forgive, for various reasons.

‘What about forgiving myself? How do I do that?’ A great many of you are challenged more by self-forgiveness than by forgiving others.

Whilst forgiveness is a daily process for me, I have to say that some of the biggest breakthroughs I have made in recent years have come through processing things in higher states of consciousness. By this I mean through meditation, or on retreats, through techniques in personal development work, or even through the ritual and controlled use of psychedelics like ayahuasca. These are the means through which I am able to leave normal life and thought processes aside, and either simply feel, intuitively, with my heart, or reach a higher, more spiritual level – both of which offer clarity and new ways of thinking and seeing.

There are many ways and means to achieve this. I have found a number of ways of releasing myself from the day-to-day, going beyond the physical body and intellectual mind, to reach a sense of peace or connectedness which helps me to get things in perspective. When you understand a wider view, when you see where you fit in the universe, and when you have a sense the greater scheme of things, it is far easier to let go of resentment and forgive whatever is keeping us in a bad place. We can move on with more confidence and fulfil our life’s purpose if we do not bind ourselves to negative thoughts and feelings, but simply let go.

You can’t get anywhere when you’re standing right on top of the map and you don’t know which direction to take. You need a different perspective. There’s some truth in the advice often given about a problem: ‘rise above it’. Think of doing this literally. Sometimes we are too close, too hurt, too attached to what has wounded us in the past, and are unable to move on, or see a solution.

There is one piece of advice that my friend and mentor Jim Hardt from the incredible Biocybernaut gives. He says that ‘you cannot heal trauma or bad experiences at the level of consciousness in which they occurred’.

He recognises that, in normal circumstances, it can be hard for people to get past some of the experiences they have had in life. There are few people who understand this more than he does, given his decades of data-driven experience in empowering people through altered states, using biofeedback meditation. For me, Jim is an outlier at the forefront of an emerging revolution in consciousness.

There is an explosion of consciousness technologies appearing on the market at the moment. Some ancient, some modern. Whether it be the world-leading biofeedback meditation at Biocybernaut; traditional meditation, retreats and yoga, such as Vipassana; exploring the upcoming paradigm shift in psychedelics; doing powerful group work, therapies or getting deep with Mother Nature – there are now so many options for raising your state. All of these approaches can be used to process the past, too.

The consciousness revolution looks set to have possibly an even greater impact on society than the technology revolution. It will be fascinating to see what effect all of this has on things like healthcare, sport, business and even education.

Personally, I intentionally develop experiences that create raised states of consciousness, allowing people to let go and go deeper. Most of the group experiences and events that I create use this approach, and certainly everything I choose to do for my own progression has this core methodology built into it.

Understand that we live in an era where we can let go of everything. There is no need to endure the daily struggle. Every month that goes by, there are more and more options available for inner transformation. The important thing is that you develop ways to raise your own state that work for you, that help you to progress in the long term.

  • Will you let go in 2016?
  • What do you need to break free from?
  • How will you explore creating higher states for yourself?


P.S. Will you let go and join me on an adventure into the unknown in April? Find out more at The Big Adventure.  

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  1. Forgiveness is warranted where possible but is not always the correct thing to do I lost over £40m due to an rta 20 yrs ago which wasn’t an accident the person left the island Scott free no cant forgive or my so called Jersey Promotion Team Who Tried too rip me off No I will no forgive or their other antics to get me sectioned Never or DVS who attempted to get my car scraped so that they could get their hands on it Never Forgive saying something out of line but what I’ve stated Never in a Million Years Stevie Ocean

  2. Happy new year to you and all your family, friends and readers of this great blog!

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