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There is a particular frequency of sound that creates greater results than you might expect from making an original noise.

According to Wikipedia: In physics, resonance describes when a vibrating system or external force drives another system to oscillate with greater amplitude at a specific preferential frequency.’

If the conditions are just right, a musical ‘sweet spot’ is reached, where a far fuller, deeper sound travels further and reaches more people. In fact, resonance is so powerful that it can shake the very foundations of buildings – or institutions – as well as touching hearts and souls.

Musicians would say that achieving that sound – that resonance – does not require any special effort or additional energy. It is simply a matter of ‘tuning in’.

In a world in which things can ‘go big’ very quickly if the right idea is in the right place at the right time, people should spend a lot more time on finding the right frequency for their ideas and projects to be broadcasted.

So much effort goes into building things that are not ‘tuned in’ to the right frequencies that will cause them to resonate with other people. And yet, applying more focus on refining and further refining the outputs creates a much greater likelihood of them spreading like wildfire.

When the friction of word of mouth is reducing by the day, it is important to take advantage of this smoother transfer of ideas from one person to another. Focus on how well something resonates to determine how contagious it will be – to ensure that it spreads without you, effortlessly.

I am quite clear in the way I assess what I am doing. If it doesn’t feel easy, there is something missing. So I spend more time and effort working out what that is and how it can be changed than I do in building something that isn’t quite right.

Thinking of all of the people trying to create change in the world, who are struggling to make the change happen, I ask this question: How much positive change could be created if people just learned to listen and play the right note?

And consider for yourself:

  • What if you spent more time tuning in to others? Or to the environment and times in which you live?
  • How much more could you achieve by doing this?
  • How can you fine-tune your ideas to resonate, and spread further?

Here’s to a resounding success.


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  1. Wow! This post was so impressive. I don’t know how I landed to this site, but I have been thinking about resonance a lot lately. You gave me a lot to think about, thank you.

    “How much positive change could be created if people just learned to listen and play the right note?” This is a really good question. We can’t be perfect in social relations but we can always strive for excellence in everything. I personally think that playing the right note when discussing another human requires especially defining the terms that are used. For example, someone might think we were better off without religion and would like to get rid off religion completely, because it makes some people go nuts. But when you ask him/her to define the term, it may lead to a situation, where he/she says, “Fine. I would like get rid of the fanatics who cause problems!” … and so on.

    Playing the right note for me is not preaching your own truth to others, but asking the right questions.

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