Rise Up and Start Your Own Movement

Rise Up and Start Your Own Movement

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“Whatever you want to do in the world, there is always a way.”

Wooah! I have just come back home from an incredible few days in at the Super Hero You Conference hosted by the incredible Downtown Project in Las Vegas.

I won’t lie to you. I am feeling pretty inspired and superhuman right now!

When you put some of the most incredible people in the planet into one of the most inspiring and forward thinking projects on the planet – great things can happen.
The more I learn, and the more time I spend with those who have already achieved incredible things in the world, the more I realise that I can do it, too. I am not talking about duplicating their thing, because that would be inauthentic. I am talking about my thing. I am talking about what burns deep inside me. I am talking about changing the world my way. Reaching out and going beyond the limits of my own potential.

The truth is – there are no limits.

There are no limits on your potential, either. Whatever you want to do in the world, there is always a way. You might not have worked out how, yet. But I have confidence that you will, when you put your mind and your will to it. It’s taking the first step that counts.

There are some big challenges in the world. Huge, huge challenges. The most inspiring thing that I have learnt is that anything is possible. Any of those challenges can be overcome.

All it takes is one person. It only takes one crazy person with the vision and foresight to start a movement that can rise to meet a challenge. If you don’t believe me, take 3 minutes to watch this short TED talk, How to Start a Movement, from Derek Sivers:

It just takes one person to stand up to create a movement to raise awareness and resolve any problem or issue that prevents the world from being an even greater place to live and thrive. One person who is willing to say ‘Fuck it!’ and get out there, and shout – and dance – about what they want to change in the world – and why.

And if you have the solution – how it can be achieved! Most problems have a simple solution. How to prevent world hunger? Create systems to distribute the excess of food that exists in the world and infrastructures to help needy countries sustain crops and animals.

How to prevent war? Engender peace, respect, equality and education. Even if the solution isn’t apparent or easy – make a song and dance about it and people will join in and start to think of ways forward. The evolution of change requires more than one mind. But one person can start a whole movement and powerfully effect change.

There is no better time to rise up and start your own movement. Thanks to the web and social media, anyone with a big, bold goal can rally around the people and resources they need to make something incredible happen.

There is no better time to pick that fight you have always wanted to fight. Or create that peace you have always desired. There is no better time than NOW. The grass is dry. The time is right. There are followers out there, waiting for you to inspire them. Take them on a journey to do something remarkable!

Whatever you want to change in the world, recognise that no matter how big or small the thing that needs changing, there is always a way for YOU to change it. You may not have all the answers, but if you start shouting and dancing about what you want to change, like a highly charged magnet, you will attract other powerful minds and bodies. People will come. People will follow you. People will show you the way.

The world is holding back, waiting for somebody else to start the dancing. Someone else to take that first risk and put themselves out there. Someone else to lead them into something significant.

I want you to know that it is as simple as standing up on your own and starting to dance as soon as you hear the music. You are never alone. Others will join you. Welcome them as equals – that is the true essence of leadership.

So I say to you – rise up! Just like I am doing. Feel that fear, take that risk and start your own movement. One person can change the world. Anyone. Any one person can recognise a need or desire for the world and communicate it to others. Through this, you will find a way to take on a grand challenge and make change happen.

In the words of Martin Luther King: “Take the first step in faith.”

I want you to know that the one person who can change whatever you want to change in the world – is YOU.

PS: If there is a grand challenge that you want to take on in the world, tell me about it. I already believe that you can do it. I will get up and dance with you getintouch@marcwinn.com

If the above topic, or indeed any of my blogs are of interest to you, then contact me and let’s talk! Drop me an email at getintouch@marcwinn.com.

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  1. Hi Marc,
    Thank you. I always get something inspired from your writing. This time is ‘Whatever you want to do in the world, there is always a way.’ I want to do a lot of things at my 20 something. Travelling, reading, studying, living in another country I love. Even there will be huge huge challenge, I tell myself I should try…

    Best Regards

    Ellen–A girl from China

  2. Thank you so much for this article!! I am a huge human rights and civil rights advocate and I tell you I am completely fed up with these lawmakers and politicians around the globe that think they can stick their nose in any nook and cranny and get away with whatever they’re doing. My uncle is a lecturer in human rights and he has had many published works on the topic, including to have traveled the world learning about people’s difficulties when it comes to the subject. My goal in life is to be a YA author, but I do in fact still want to be involved in the human rights community. Thinking about a possible minor in International Relations?? Yeah I think so…after college I want to go into the Peace Corps, and my main goal is Africa, my family members have been there and have told me stories about the people and their suffering…I want to see them and talk to them, because personally sometimes I feel guilty living in the United States. Guilty that we have so much money that slips through our hands like leaves blowing in the wind, and then it’s just gone “Woosh!” because our simple transactions disappear. These people have really nothing. But seriously I can’t stop myself from wanting to help ANYONE..even if it’s a child dying from Cancer in a hospital or a poor woman on the street
    with zero cash. Everyday I look up online “Ways to become an ambassador” or something like that. I want to help, and raise my voice. Only issue? I’m not quite sixteen yet….only a few more months though! How can I speak my voice as a teenager without getting into too much trouble and still letting all the stress out?

  3. Vincent E Lucas IV says

    We need as a people, ( the human race ) , to realize we are one people, not just 7 billion different people fighting each other for the dollar bill, for the fame or power , .. we need a space to come together , to learn how to respect each other to help each other, to ask why we have been given the gift of living as a human. We have brains, thoughts, things other creatures don’t have..

  4. Excellent! I couldn’t agree more brother. Here’s my mantra and movement: http://www.stevebivans.com/2014/08/01/bringing-shire-ness-world-hell-mean/

  5. I could not resist commenting. Verry well written!

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