Telepathy and World Peace

Telepathy and World Peace

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I often tell people that it only takes 50 coffees to solve any problem. Meeting people over coffee, discussing ideas and creating solutions is what I love doing. I usually joke that I have not got around to creating world peace through coffee yet, but it is something I plan to do.

Especially now that I am finding more inner peace in my own life, when I stop avoiding the problem, I find that the solutions are coming to me.

Given the negative media we are exposed to every day, it can sometimes be hard to see and understand, but there is a considerable evidence to suggest that the world is getting more peaceful every day. Globally, violence is actually on the decline.

I believe there are two real reasons why this is happening: increases in our bandwidth of communication and transparency. The more we communicate with each other – and the wider our communications with diverse individuals – the more we gain understanding of other people and issues. The more that our actions, thoughts and feelings are becoming transparent to others, the more we are being held to account for them by the world around us.

Technological breakthroughs are providing ever-increasing bandwidth in communication. We can now be connected by video – for free – to anyone and everyone on the planet. The first phone call was only in 1876 – yet communications have really come a long way since then. We are connecting more and more with each other and with the world around us. Consequently, our understanding of the world and each other is rapidly rising. For me, this is why violence is falling. Bit by bit, and despite what the news reports, we are working out how to become more peaceful and tolerant as a human race, by understanding other people’s thoughts and feelings.

And this brings me to telepathy. Mark Zuckerberg has already gone on record saying that Facebook will end up as a telepathy company. The first brain-to-brain communication happened in 2014. I have experienced some of the early forms of this technology myself, and it is both mind-blowing and heart-expanding to understand how deeply it is possible to connect with others. We have all had those moments in life when we have felt deeply connected to someone – beyond words. Imagine an era in which every conversation is like that! That is what telepathy will bring. I can’t wait until I no longer have the day-to-day administration tasks of communicating with people through email or even writing posts like this.

Telepathy will allow us to understand each other way, way beyond our present capacity.

I have a feeling that, in fewer than 15 years, direct brain-to-brain communication will be the primary method of global communication – providing a massive bandwidth of communication that few people can conceive of today.

World peace will really happen when we have total transparency of our actions, thoughts and feelings and when we have the ability to interact this way with everyone. This might terrify people, but the fears will subside quickly when people realise that, without the struggle of trying to make sense of the world around us, life will get better by orders of magnitude. Once we understand the real reasons why people want power, money and status, we will start to help people who crave those things to heal from their addictions. We will hold people’s hands and help to move them gently away from their rigid ideologies. We will have the capacity to work together to solve problems with solutions that work for everyone, rather than just some people. We will move beyond the need to be in conflict.

All the struggles in my life have been caused by breakdowns in communication and by me not being true to who I am. In a telepathic world, such things are no longer possible. And I, for one, can’t wait for that to happen.

I get the fact that this is a controversial subject. It is something of a thought experiment, but I would love to know your own thoughts and any additions to this discussion in the comments section below.


  1. S. Look out for the launch of my new podcast next week. I will be increasing the bandwidth of my communication with the world so that you all can get to know and understand me better. No doubt I will launch a video channel in the not-too-distant future, and maybe one day this will become the world’s first telepathic broadcast! A genuine View Inside Me.

P.P.S. Erin Matlock will be speaking at TEDxStPeterPort, talking about all the latest breakthroughs in Neuroscience. This is an industry that will change everything.

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  1. When are you next in London it would be great to meet up. Regards, xx

  2. I practice the expansion of my inituitive capabilities on a regular basis. Telepathy falls into the list of intuitive gifts all humans have (though not all are aware of or receptive to). I do believe people are becoming more aware and open to their inuition, rather than blocking it out for fear of witchcraft, etc., like they have done for millennia. That being said, I don’t think that it is something that should ever be forced upon a population to be used. Even with expanded consciousness, I believe there will always be power hungry individuals that would be quick to use abilities like telepathy and clairvoyance to their own benefit and to control the general public. Convince the general public that they are at peace, however, and they won’t know any better and will be merry worker bees (read “A Brave New World” and “1984” again if you haven’t read them since high school).
    I do believe our world and our collective consciousness is shifting and I think telepathy will become much more common place in the coming age. I just don’t believe it will create world peace. There has always been a balance of light and dark, “good” and “bad”, high vibrational energy and low in the universe, and, at least as long as the earth is around anyway – it is universal law. Yin and yang. Because of balance, there will always be power hungry individuals and chaos. Atoms move around in what appears to be a chaotic motion until they find another atom to bond to for some time. On a macroscopic level, we see celestial bodies do the same, and so we see human culture do this. There may be brief periods of peace, but the pendulum never stays still, it always swings.

    Interesting article and thoughts Marc. Thanks for writing!

    • I agree Christine – I think your take on this makes a lot of sense and appreciated your thoughts! I love Marc’s optimism and don’t rule it out but in practice, I think you have some realistic points that shouldn’t be ruled out.

      Marc -I should mention I do appreciate your post too! I love your writing, the way you think and the things you come up with. This little reading journey I’ve had this morning has been a great way to start the day and it wouldn’t have been possible without you.

    • I don’t think I am suggesting that anyone is forced to do anything. A bit like mobile phones they just became widely adopted on their own. Noone is forced to use them. For most people the benefits outweighed the consequences. I see the same happening here.

  3. Peter F Hamilton is one of my favorite writers and his series ‘The Nights Dawn’ has an entire culture that has telepathy. His thoughts are like yours(mine as well) that the openness and speed of communication will create a culture that is hard to fathom with our present mindset.

  4. Radhika Ramachandran says

    A very insightful article on an excellent topic. I applaud you, Marc, for your courage in admitting that Word Peace was even remotely possible in today’s highly twisted World of chaos and violence that we witness day in and day out. I believe, courage gives you the self-control to persist where others have failed. Ultimately, the degree of courage you live with determines the amount of fulfillment you receive. I certainly hope that Telepathic ways of communication in the near future will help build better bridges of trust and empathy among us humans and enable us to behave with more Humanity that what we have been exhibiting thus far! Thank you for letting me share my two cents:)

  5. Christine has a valid point about the universal law of Yin and Yang. With world peace, the law- balance- dance of Yin and Yang wouldn’t change a bit. There would still be hot/cold, left/right, up/down – the law still exists. As far as verbiage – without violence, there would also be no peace – the concept, the yin and yang of it, would collapse. Maybe this is the world Marc envisions, but it’s a difficult thing to describe a “new world” with “old world” words. Keep going Marc – you’re on the right path………

  6. Anything is possible Marc.

    Step 1. Stop watching/reading negative media

    Step 2. We have peace

    Job done.

    If anyone thinks this is oversimplified, have yet to find inner peace.

  7. I like the way you think Mark.

    I also think that anything is possible.

    Great work. Keep going my friend!! You are onto something big.

  8. It is already happening for some, but the majority as yet cannot understand due to enculturation. It will happen easier if science and media validate. As Alvin Toffees wrote the greatest challenge will be to unlearn then relearn.Search the t internet now, there is very little understanding on the subject and great deal of scepticism not backed up by in-depth logical analysis. Enculturation. Try rerouting neural parthways,not so easy.We hopefully will get there

  9. Paul Mclaughlin says

    I’ve finally heard somebody else say what I’ve been thinking for 20 plus years! I’ve shared this same idea with people for a long time now and people kinda look at you like your crazy! This technology albeit primitive has in many ways been in the process of being developed for decades. For example 1st Morris code from human brain by computer done around 1970 and machines using human brain waves to assist the handicapped by being able to turn on lights, play videogames, communicate simple words to medical aides by paralyzed individuals via computer see articles on Matthew Nagle from around 2006 to 2008 also on u tube. Kevin Warwick British scientist 2001 has implant put in his arm and his wife’s arm to create a type of synthetic empathy which they claim they did achieve see Kevin Warwick article on Wikipedia, And of course experiments between Rats who where literally placed continents apart between the United States and Brazil receiving input from each other and seemingly gaining enough input to know when to press a lever to obtain food from the other rates experiences many thousands of miles away with around 70 percent accuracy (see the independent news article feb 28 2013. Then in 2014 a primitive telepathic email sent between a man in France and one in India saying hello to one another via the internet (see the telegraphy uk sept 5 ,2014. I could go on and on. I’ve read up much on interpersonal psychology in the workplace and at home over the years and pretty much all problems and conflicts between people seem to be problems involving communication or lack thereof. Some studies even show roughly 70 percent of all communication between people is either misunderstood, forgotten or ignored within 8hrs. It is also known now that most human behavior appears to be largely these mimes (imitations) or ideas, perceptions, thoughts etc. interacting with each other. In other words the information, observed habits and perceptions that we share with each other from our past to our present do effect how we interact with each other in our current day to day lives . We Therefore in large part are in some sense of the word reflections of each other! Which brings me this point. Will not the perceptions, Ideas, facts and or morals that we share with each other from our various cultures not enevitably bring us into conflict with each other for better or worse! a higher form of communication may help a smooth these day to day conflicts, but only if it can help us feel empathy for each other. The bible seems to point out the power of miscommunication in the biblical story of the Tower of Babel which is most likely a moral story but again a good observation of the possible consequences miscommunication at its worst even if far fetched , you will also see the theme of miss understanding occur in countless Hollywood movies if you observe close enough from award winning the Crash to the new Captain America movie and old sitcoms such as threes company! I have also been told that the Dead Sea scrolls and the bible predict the coming of telepathy and telekinesis during the end of times. Telepathy is also the normal theme in most but not all near death experiences when visiting the after life, and also the norm in the vast majority of alien abduction experiences and it occurs occasionally in bible scripture! Not that I believe a lot about alien close encounter stories but possibly somethings. And while I believe in some form of god I question a lot of things in the bible! But sometimes these things kinda make you wonder is it self fulfilling prophecy, coincidence or just the possible facts! No preaching here just observations from across the board.

    • Wolf Messing says

      Very good ! I did found frequency to communicate like telepath. In fact you will hear my voice in your head again. During 2016 approximately 70 Department of State employees were trained in Havana, Cuba. It was announced on CBS … and frequency of over 700 PHz… just let me know

    • Wolf Messing says

      you did forgot Mormon good book – Bible… in 1920 Juno addendum – only 100 pages. One have to read to understand. Prediction her. Do not say to Secret Service – they are scare of it.

  10. From india let me do what r u said, bring peace

  11. With alpha every thing is positive!

  12. Do you think there can be a way of screening out thoughts from being telepathed so we can still have some privacy? The nightmare might be intrusion into our most personal and private thoughts.

  13. Wolf Messing says

    Very good Mark ! I did found frequency to communicate like telepath. In fact you will hear my voice in your head again. During 2016 approximately 70 Department of State employees were trained in Havana, Cuba. It was announced on CBS … and frequency of over 700 PHz… just let me know
    Alexander Eulis

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