The Best Investment You Will Ever Make

The Best Investment You Will Ever Make

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There was a really interesting interview at TED recently in which Larry Page (Founder and Chief Executive of Google) said that he would rather leave his savings to Elon Musk (Founder and Chief Executive of Tesla and SpaceX, Chairman of Solar City) than to charity.

It is a fascinating provocation with which I am inclined to agree. Donating to charity is currently a far less effective form of altruism than investing in organisations focussed on global impact. Elon Musk builds organisations to reinvent and disrupt entire industries for the progression of humanity. In the process, he makes money that can be reinvested, to have further impact. It is a virtuous cycle that no current charity can match. (If you are interested in understanding why investing in most charities is suboptimal, watch Dan Pollota’s TED talk on the way we think about charity).

Last month, we launched one of the most ambitious and inspiring projects to impact on the world. We launched The Dandelion Project which aims to inspire the population of the Channel Island of Guernsey to reimagine and reinvent an entire community to be the best place to live on earth by 2020.

The Apollo Program inspired a nation to achieve the impossible, which then sparked an era of technological innovation never seen before. The Dandelion Project aims to similarly inspire a nation and bring in a new era of unprecedented social innovation.

There is a way for humanity to organise itself without letting our most vulnerable fall through the gaps. There’s a way to create wealth for those who invest in their societies. One country demonstrating a new model can inspire every other population in the world to follow it. There is a way to reimagine the Western construct itself. And the small island community of Guernsey will find that way.

We are a living in an era in which small teams can change the world in previously unimaginable ways. The Dandelion Project is run by 6 human beings who have all pledged to dedicate the next 6 years of their life to changing the world. These 6 people now need your help.

So far, the 6 of us have invested a significant amount of our own money, all our spare time and an awful lot of coffee to start a movement that has already mobilised thousands of people to reinvent their community. We need to shift this movement to the next level by working on this project full time from a place of abundance rather than scarcity.

For the cost of 3 senior civil servants, we can catalyse a movement that will change the entire world. We can build an organisation that spends money a thousand times more effectively than any government. The Dandelion Project is designed to be the most impactful social innovation organisation in existence.

As early supporters of this project, you will understand that you are reinventing the rules in order to change the world. You have vision beyond what has gone before. You stand out from the crowd and believe in making the impossible possible. Today, this project might be for the maverick 1% who believe that crazy people can change the word. Tomorrow, this project is for the entire world.

This is the best and bravest investment that you will ever make. And yet, it is an investment that provides no financial return whatsoever. It is the investment that gives you the greatest value of all – your legacy.

So the question is: are you a leader or a follower? Will you be bold and invest in humanity itself?

We will accept any donation. From 1 penny, to 1 Bitcoin, to your entire life’s savings. The important thing is to show your belief that a better humanity is possible and #BelieveInGuernsey as a model to revolutionise all our futures.

Rarely have I ever asked for anything, but today I ask you to sponsor us in this project. This is our marathon. This is our bold trip to the moon. And we need your support to help get us there.

Send your investment in humanity to either to our Paypal  account or our Bitcoin Wallet: 1MxFre2gSuvYcVxYVTQecMmt854zY1PnkH

If you wish to make a wire transfer or require further information, please contact

Please forward this blog post to anyone you know who might be interested.

Please also share on all social media channels.

Together we can do this. Together we can make the impossible possible.

Thank you.


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  1. Wicked article on every level. Will be writing a blog soon called Diary of a Dandelion.

  2. Faszio Scarampella says

    dent-de-lion – a lions thooth – a flower consisting of florets dies, develops seeds that are blown away at the slightest breeze

    Is this what is happening to the money?

    How many of the seeds will grow?

    or is there more to it?

    • That is what will happen with the ideas and methodologies developed as a result of the project. They are designed to spread.

      The money provides leverage and speed. Some seeds will grow. Some will not.

  3. Hey, if you need help from a software developer just let me know, I can create websites or apps for you and for free.

    I want to see this project grow and evolve over time, I truly believe that dandelion will find a way to create better communities without government intervention, just the community helping each other.

    • Yes we do Manuel. If you e-mail with your offer then he can explain all of the projects that we would like to get done. You should be able to choose something to work on that you are passionate about. Thank you so much for your support.

  4. A well written request for financial support indeed. It seems to appropriate to ask; who are the six people?

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    my presentation topic, which i am going to convey in institution of
    higher education.

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