The Global Brain

The Global Brain

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Something that has fascinated me throughout my life is the human mind.

One of the real tragedies I have discovered is that the human mind holds us back more than anything else.

The human mind has not had a serious upgrade in over 50,000 years.  No matter who we are, how powerful our position or advanced our thinking, our brains are wired for scarcity, and the downstream effects of that can be small or large. Many hardwired survival instincts essential for keeping our prehistoric ancestors alive now hold us back from living a wonderful life. Consider their negative impact on our lives by reading this recent post – 56 Cognitive biases that screw up everything that we do. It is these neurological defects that cause inequality, conflict, consumerism, disease, fear and many more challenges.

The truth is, we cannot solve these big collective problems in the world until we have solved the problems within our individual minds.

Two weeks ago, at Biocybernaut, I spent seven days  on a mountainside in Germany exploring our final frontier: the inner workings of the human mind. As a result of one week of brainwave training, I  can now create brainwave patterns similar to those of zen meditators with  21 to 40 years’ experience. I have radically increased my capacity to generate new ideas and solve complex problems. And perhaps the greatest gift is that my close relationships have significantly improved, as well. All in all, it has created a rapid acceleration in my own consciousness. Such inner transformation is widely considered to be impossible.

Biocybernaut is the type of organisation that defines the future. Our breakthroughs in neuroscience will create a rapid acceleration in human consciousness that will transform all our lives – as they have already transformed mine.

Advances in neuroscience are some of the least advertised technological innovations, but they will revolutionalise the world.

Consider this TED talk by Miguel Nicolelis in Rio de Janeiro that demonstrates the first direct brain-to-brain communication. Yes – one human transmitted a message to another, from one part of the world to another, just by thinking! Imagine what that means for e-mail, social media and the internet in general.

Step by step, we are seeing the emergence of a global superbrain. First the internet, then e-mail communication, then search engines creating access to global knowledge, then social media to connect faster and deeper, then the shift to mobile communication… and so on.

We are moving towards the direct, real time, simultaneous connection of individuals to everyone else and to infinite knowledge. Once billions of minds are directly connected to the internet, we will have created a collective superintelligence allowing us to solve any problem at speeds never before witnessed.

That kind of change can be hard to fathom, especially when it will happen in less than two decades. Its speed and impact will eclipse any change we have seen in the past.

The impact of the ever-widening and deepening connection of the human race is an incredibly positive one. As a result, I am an unapologetic optimist about the future.

To the final frontier.


P.S. Jim Hardt, the founder of Biocybernaut, will be joining us at my next event on 12th – 15th March 2015 in Seville, developing methods to disseminate such technologies around the world, to positively impact billions of lives. There are just 2 places places left! If you would like to join us, please visit

P.P.S. If you are interested in training with Biocybernaut or want to know more, have coffee with me (Guernsey, London or Google Hangout)

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  1. I have done numerous alpha trainings, it opened my mind to the Source

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