The Original Assumption

The Original Assumption

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Last week I was the most exhausted I have been for quite a time. I was so tired that I could not finish my blog post on The Kindness Virus. I have to confess that the second half (or better half) of the post was actually written by my wonderful wife, Valerie. This was the first time I had failed to deliver since I started writing the blog, two and a half years ago.

What it demonstrates is what many people have known for some time. First, that my wife is the real talent in our outfit. Secondly, that I don’t actually have to write my own blog to make a difference in the world.

At the moment, behind the scenes, I am going through a process of reinvention, to allow me to focus on building a social movement to make my home nation of Guernsey the best place to live on earth by 2020. I have to say that I am struggling to adapt to the change.

Guernsey used to be my haven from the rest of the world: I used to switch off at home. Now, it has become the centre of everything I do. And as much as I love what I am doing, it has started to put pressure on me, requiring a change in approach. Some things just have to go, to make space for the new.

In a classic twist of irony, I am falling victim to ignoring some of my own advice. Making an initial assumption is what holds many people and organisations back – and this can be the hardest thing to see.

I write this blog for 3 reasons:

  1. To be publicly accountable for the way I think
  2. To have a regular process for self reflection
  3. To help people

My original assumption was that I had to write my own blog to achieve those three things. The truth is, I don’t.

What I discovered, through the process of spending time with the wonderful John Sweeney two weeks ago and failing to fully write the post on his visit to Guernsey, is that I can have all three things in my life – and have a blog – without actually being involved in the time-consuming parts of the writing process.

Repeatedly asking myself why I do what I am doing reveals some things that I don’t actually need to do. I have loved becoming a writer, but in truth I am not a writer. I love sharing my thoughts with the world, but the truth is that all my thoughts have come from the wonderful thinking of the people I interact with. I have loved making a difference, but the truth is – I can make more of a difference by doing less.

This will be the last regular blog post I write on here. I may come back as a guest every now and then, but the weekly deadline will be a thing of my past, for me. Over the coming weeks and months, The View Inside Me will be reinvented: moving from making an impact on thousands of lives as it does now, to hopefully millions of lives in the future. To achieve that, I must get out of my own way.

This blog will still exist, but it will shift from being a window into the mind of one world-changer to a window into the minds of many world-changers. It will be less about my thinking and more about a wide range of thinking that helps readers to see the world from different points of view.  I have offered provocations and stimulation to change people’s thinking – to make a difference in the world. Changing your thinking changes your behaviour. Changing your actions changes your life – and the lives of others. The more people engage, the better.

Much in the way that I curated TEDxStPeterPort and my recent Burning Man event, through this blog in future, I will provide the means to shift people rather than do the shifting myself. I will select the bloggers and curate their message to you. All is designed to help people to see the world from a different point of view.

I will start this journey by introducing you to some of the most influential people in my own life to write these blog posts in future, and we will take it from there.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for reading, for sharing, for commenting, and for emailing. It has been one of the greatest experiences of my life to date. My gratitude towards you all is beyond my ability to express.

So, it’s goodbye to this chapter and hello to the new. I move from being the writer of this blog to being its curator.

To life’s wonderful meandering journey!


P.S. I would love you to share what this blog means to you, in the comments section below. This will give me a sense of how I should brief all the wonderful writers who contribute to this project from now on. I want to understand how it serves you today, so I can shape the blog to continue to serve you in future.


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  1. And so it came to pass the ‘Our Hero’ finally discovered that less is more, and placed his pen down on the desk for a while and went to rent a cottage in Normandy where he could ramble unknown and unrecognised and ponder on life’s challenges…occasionally returning home and to Londinium to cause havoc and concern amongst his small army of friends…..

  2. Hi Marc
    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your articles and gained a huge amount of knowledge and also enjoyment from them!
    I will miss my doses but look forward to what is to come!
    V bests

  3. I love seeing the view inside you and know that because we are all connected in one way or another the views you share from others will offer views inside yourself without you touching the keyboard. More time to be out changing the world vs writing about it on a weekly basis:)

  4. It will be a shame to read less of you, but hopefully you will be back. These blogs are inspirational for all and everyone.


  5. I have only just found your blog (via Suspended Coffees) so am still playing ‘catchup’ with your posts. The brief glimpses I have had so far have impressed me greatly and I wish you well as you step old even more boldly along the path you have started on.

  6. mamokhethi says

    Thank you for the great posts, really changed the way I think. I am going to miss reading your posts but hoping to share even more in the future. Thanks ones again Marc.

    • Thanks mamokhethi. And thank you for all your comments and feedback. I hope there is more to come from you.

      • There was a reason to not allow foreign people not to be President. It was to keep power of the United States from being taken over with foreign interests on mind rather than the country at heart.The United States is done, people in power have chosen to override the safety net of the constitution. And sadly, no one understands or even cares.

      • I always think about buying a waffle maker, but considering how many gadgets I have clogging my kitchen already, I don’t feel like I can justify it. Though “waffles with Nutella” is pretty convincing…

  7. Enjoyed meeting you in Jersey, learnt lots from you Blogs, still believe your views on Education are what most enquiring students want, but systems and the remaing majorly dependent on systems will always find unatainable. Knowledge provides oppertunity to explore, yet exploration is not everyone’s cup of tea.
    Enjoy your early writing retirement, I for one will miss it.

  8. My favourite blog in the last 18m! I’ve discovered what it means following the work of people I personally know and care about and how much more meaningful and scared the content becomes then.

  9. I’ve enjoyed your blog posts, they struck a chord with me and prompted me to get in touch. Keep up the good work.

  10. Marc, your posts have truly been I doorstop all and a great “support” in times of change. I’ve been introduced to it by a friend who forwarded “The life laundry” to me, when I was about to do the same thing.
    And since not many people around me that time would do such things, or even think that way – this article came in as a great friend and companion on this often difficult journey. And so did many other articles afterwards.

    I wish I had the…. guts? to share all my writings about similar topics, reflections, thoughts and inspirations, but I tend to keep that all for myself, safeguarded on my lapotop. That doesn’t allow much exchange of thought though, yet it’s great way to hold myself accountable for my actions.

    During a great and inspiring conversation this summer, when I was interviewed about the things I do, my constant reinvention, reflection, kicking myself out of comfort zones and into the unknown, needing to surround myself with energetic, inspired as well as inspiring individuals and not being willing to settle for anything less, the person said: “Well, that all sounds feasible and truly exciting, but WHY do you have to do all this?”

    I still hear the echo of that question, so intrigued was I about this socratelic point of view…! I stalled, couldn’t reply.

    So I took to your blog again, re-read or discovered new articles – and there I found my answers.
    Thank you for that! Keep up the good, essential work, one way or another.

    And if you’ll still do your adventures into the unknown in the future, I shall surely be part of it before too long! I almost was last time…

  11. Mark, well done. You set yourself a hell of a challenge with this Blog, hard work to conform to your own rules, and I am delighted that you have now got to the point where you can shrug it off. I believe that you are now at the next phase of your intellectual life, and, oh boy, it’s going to be really interesting. Good luck with the future. I hope to catch up with you when I return to Guernsey on the middle of next year. There is always a lot to discuss! Enjoy the future! Enjoy NOW!!!

    Sam H

  12. I only wish that you continue to write as the blogs are very inspiring and thought provoking. May you continue to write and inspire all of us.



  13. Henry Playfoot says

    Only blog where I read every post – thanks for what you’ve done so far Marc. The new model sounds good – look forward to the next chapter…

  14. Marc,
    I can’t begin to guess how many of your blog posts I’ve bookmarked as part of my own research in creating a movement in education reform!
    I have gleaned so much knowledge from your extensive research and probably quoted you on some FB posts as well.
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom for so long.
    On to Google Coffee!
    Best always,

  15. Thankyou Marc and wishing you every success. Your blog ‘The View Inside Me’ is one of the few I read and digest. You made me think and question, you inspired and encouraged. Be courageous, be brave and fearless. You can do it. The world needs you. Wishing you and your family hope and happiness.

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