What if it was easy?

What if it was easy?

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Last night as I trekked through the Denver International Airport with a stroller, two kiddos, enormous suitcases, car seats and a heavy, HEAVY backpack, my never-ending inquiry, “what if it was easy?” mocked me from my head.

I would have traveled light. I just would have done it. I would have assessed our time away, the weather, our real needs and none of our maybes and I would have packed only the things we needed.

Instead, as I walked behind my husband after a long travel day, I felt the heavy pack on my back and stared at his. I had one hand on the stroller, one lugging the overstuffed suitcase, the booster seat for my older child balanced precariously on top. I watched as Steve pulled another heavy suitcase and balanced a behemoth of a car seat up on his shoulder. I worried it was too heavy. My daughter, bopping along only partially present as I continuously cheered her along to stay in front of me, took the last fibers of focus I had to offer.

“What if it was easy?” my mind mocked me in the midst of it all. Answers presented themselves in every direction. They always do.

Like the time I glued my son’s ninjago figure together because I just couldn’t search for the little pieces anymore. What if it was easy? Answer – Glue the damn thing together… No more wasted time searching for pieces, or tears over things lost.

Like the time I finally tired of forcing the junk drawer shut for over 4 years and spent 15 minutes emptying it, discarding almost everything in it. What if it was easy? Don’t have a junk drawer at all.

Like the time I decided that if I wanted a glazed donut I would just have a glazed donut ,versus debating about it for hours or days on end: wasting time, wasting energy. What if it was easy? Just eat the damn treat.

Like the time I decided to step into my reality as an artist and painter and realized that the difference between playing artist and being artist weren’t all that different. What if it was easy? Accept who you are.

Like the time I started filing paperwork and could finally locate what I needed, when I needed it. What if it was easy? You would have a system.

Like the time I started writing “what if it was easy?” then repeatedly received electronic grammatical corrections advising me that “what if it were easy?” was correct. What if it was easy? You would choose the phrasing that rolled naturally off your tongue.

What if it was easy? If it isn’t, then you are probably doing it wrong.


Notes from Marc

This was written by my wonderful friend Cassia Cogger – artist, teacher, mom, wife, funhouse; coming to terms with her connection to real-life magic. It is this grammatically incorrect (humanity rules!) question that I always ask myself when life starts to feel hard. This was the question I asked when I stopped writing the blog myself ,and  it was Cassia who gave me the gift of this lifelong question that she still struggles to comes to terms with. To see her incredible art and writings visit http://www.cassiacogger.com

Have you had experiences of choosing to make life easier for yourself? How have you asked yourself simple questions to radically change outcomes in your life? Share your stories and insights in the comments section below.

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  1. What if it was easy?
    Helo Marc
    There is always the first time, Recently, I got a promotion and there was a training conducted for field agents so, my boss asked me to recap on the second day of the training. It was not easy at all, and it was terrible because I have never been in a formal training before, but I had to do it, it was not good but I learned more because I made mistakes, and able to correct them.

  2. What if it was easy? It is easy….. Love it mate..

  3. Cameron MacLeod says

    Just a suggestion – maybe give the byline at the top of the post to the actual author. I was very confused for the first couple of paragraphs. First I thought maybe Val was the author, but I’m pretty sure she only has one kid and her husband’s name is Mark, or Marcus, or Marcellus… or something along those lines.

  4. Love this, love Cassia…easy can get a bad rap sometimes, but seriously! What if on the hectic nights, I planned a slow-cooker (EASY) meal, instead of cooking something complicated and shooting myself in the foot. What if I decided to do the dishes, even if that meant instead of picking up the toys, so that I could make fresh juice in the morning. I can’t even give you too many more examples, because I’ve already made so many other things in my life EASY!

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