Who is up for a big bold adventure in 2014?

Who is up for a big bold adventure in 2014?

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2013 has been an incredible year for me. The best yet, by far.

It all started in a pub in London in the run up to Christmas 2012, when a mischievous comment about changing the world sparked off an extraordinary journey of personal discovery.

The challenge was to try and see if it was possible to find the answer to these three questions.

  • How can an individual make a big impact on the world?

  • How can it be done in a way that sustains them financially, physically, mentally and emotionally?

  • How can this all be done whilst at the same time living a remarkable life?

So 2013 was the year I tried to answer these questions for myself and chose a different direction. The year I chose to do crazy new shit over the same old shit. The year I used an entirely new metric to live by (Return On Adventure) and started to focus on the impact I could make on the world, rather than how much I earned or owned.

It was the year I got really uncomfortable and started to pursue what I was capable of. The year I embraced uncertainty and threw away the plan. I faced up to my true potential and got out there to make things happen in my own way.

It was the year I connected with my values of ‘Family, Fun & Freedom’ and started to build a much healthier personal platform to move forward from. It was the year my son started to talk, and run and run. The year my wife began to shine brighter than she has ever shone.

The year I lost motivation to watch TV and broke many of the old patterns of the past. I ticked more off my bucket list than ever before. I created my best work.

I learnt far more than in previous years. I got out there and travelled more than ever before, and I connected with the most inspiring people I have ever met.

Yet I still feel that I am just at the beginning of a new story. In 2014, I intend to raise the bar. That will be the year when I make all this work really count. I intend to live with greater alignment with who I am, to make more impact on the world, live in greater health than ever before, go on even bigger adventures, be a better father and husband – and above all, do fucking great work!

And what is so wonderful is that I intend to take some of you on that journey with me.

So what I really want to know is – who is also up for a big, bold adventure in 2014?

Who is up for taking their past success and making it count in the future?

Who is up for playing a much bigger game and making a much bigger impact on the world?

Who is up for taking a journey into the unknown and a leap of faith?

Who is up for planning a new, bold path for 2014 on a fun adventure with a small group of like-minded entrepreneurs?

The first of my big bold adventures starts at midday on January the 7th, 2014, at Terminal 5, Heathrow Airport, London.

I will not tell you where you are going. I will not tell you what you are doing. I will not tell you who you will meet. Embracing uncertainty is at the very heart of this first adventure.

If you are concerned about what the food, accomodation, weather or programme will be like before you commit then this is probably not the adventure for you.

If you see it as the beginning of a big, bold start of a new, more meaningful life then this is the adventure for you.

What do you need to take part?

  1. 5 days off the grid

  2. A valid passport

  3. A strong sense of fun and adventure

  4. A willingness to share your greatest challenges in life and work

  5. A desire to raise your own bar and make a bigger impact on the world

  6. A desire to make your existing successes really count for something in the future

  7. A desire to make a small number of new, lifelong connections

  8. A desire to start 2014 with a bold new plan

  9. The resources and freedom to make a significant impact

Price will be on application, but this trip is designed to maximise your ‘Return On Adventure’ as well as to rejuvenate and reinvigorate you for the year ahead.

So are you ready to make a big shift in 2014? Are you ready to take life to the next level? Will this be the year that you step out of the shadows and truly begin to live up to your greatness?

If it is then talk to me. Tell me why you just have to do this.

E-mail getintouch@marcwinn.com

If this resonates with you, yet something is holding you back – still get in touch, please. I might just have the key to unlock that barrier.

If you have any questions, please get in touch too.

To 2014 and all the adventure that it may bring! I look forward to sharing the journey with you. It’s going to be epic!


P.S. Although the content of the adventure is a closely guarded secret, that fact that it is taking place is not. If you know someone who is ready to take everything they have done in the past and reach a whole new level, please let them know that this event is taking place.

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  1. Just checked the dates in case you were dropping in to the 5th test in Sydney. Sadly that’s a week earlier.

  2. I should hold a sweepstake for guess the location…. 😉

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