Will you take the red pill?

Will you take the red pill?

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We are living an illusion.

We frequently ignore reality. We try to forget unpleasant things. The world we live in is dying slowly every day. Whether it be our resources, our climate, our happiness or our health, step by step, we are collectively and gradually worsening things.

And if we don’t resolve this, we will be leaving a world for our children that we can only be ashamed of. War, famine, disease, global warming, destroying the Amazon rainforest- ‘the lungs of the earth‘, poverty, educational failure and economic downturns… The state of the world is not good.

And yet we collectively ignore this. We go about our day to day lives, only focussed on what is right in front of us. I’m all right, Jack. It’s not in my backyard. It’s easy to turn a blind eye. We are ignorant of the longer term impact on ourselves, our children, our community and our planet.

This is a terrible shame, because we are living in an extraordinary time. Never before has individual capability been as great as it is today. Never before have we lived in an era in which every problem we face has become solvable. Never before have we been in a position to take action.

That problem you see in the world is yours to solve. You can ignore it and carry on with your existence as if it doesn’t matter, or you can confront the uncomfortable truth of reality. It’s your responsibility. It is down to you.

You have the power and the choice to do something about it. You have the power to learn everything you need to learn about that problem. You have the power to connect with others and come together collectively to solve that problem.

And this brings me to pills. The red pill and the blue pill are symbols for making the choice between reality (red pill) and illusion (blue pill).

The terms originated from the film, The Matrix, in which the protagonist, Neo, is given the choice between the two pills. The blue pill would allow him to stay in the pretended world of the Matrix, under the “illusion of ignorance”, while the red pill would mean escaping from the Matrix into the real world, to live the “truth of reality”.

So, I ask you. Will you take the red pill today? Will you confront the sometimes painful and inconvenient truth, to start working on a better solution for yourself, your family, your community and the world?

Or will you take the blue pill and remain in blissful ignorance? Will you maintain this illusion that it is not your responsibility?

Truth or ignorance?

I choose red.

Which one will you choose?


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  1. Augustine Inogbo says


  2. Augustine Inogbo says

    I choose the RED Pill.

  3. Tony Trenker says

    Nice blog. May I make an observation: Many of the problems I hear people dreaming about are illusory. The problem with half our problems is that they are nobody else’s.

  4. Jatin Tailor says

    Dear Marc,

    Really very good topic. I will choose RED pill. They way whole world is going, i feel that our community will suffer lot after 50 year.

    Make a simple living.

    Thanks & regards

  5. is there a pink one 🙂

  6. Red pill of course.

  7. suresh darji says

    Dear Mr. John, Pink will not serve the issue, may be that pill drag u to heaven for a moment just like tobacco. Red is solution forever at least for your mental peace. I am trying to take red pill from today itself.

  8. Tony Trenker: I like your comment.
    Marc: it is indeed “inconvenient” to try to solve the problems that we are complaining about. I am just on cruise control, maintaining status quo, not wanting to rock the boat, and trying to forget the ugly scene of reality – much like how I quickly look the other way if I think there’s a gory, roadkill mess on the road up ahead, telling myself it’s probably just an old red sock.
    I am trying not to introduce new problems and managing my life around the existing ones.

  9. mamokhethi says

    A red pill definately…

  10. Sat Prakash says

    Love what you do. Do what you love. And If u are honest enough to your love. You will automatically find yourself taking red ones when u feel like. 🙂

  11. Great Blog Marc!

    I took the red pill a long, long time ago! Just trying to work out what to do with this reality 🙂


  12. I lived for about 25 years with the full effect of the blue pill (religious, war monger, racist, zero social/environmental conscience). I inadvertently swallowed the red pill and it took a few years for it to take effect, which has now caused immense conflict. I now struggle to enjoy company of family and old friends who are blue pill lovers that passionately defend their stance. My wife is a blue pill advocate, but has fleeting moments of red pill thought and as such, our goals and aims have separated substantially. I want to remain together, but feel I will need to suppress my thoughts in order to maintain an amicable relationship.

  13. Climate change? Are you serious? The climate is historically cyclical. The scientists/universities that teach this shit….guess where they get most of their funding? By Marxist government. Take the red pill. Stop dabbling in purple. This article is profoundly fucking stupid. From beginning to end. Stop claiming TRP when you clearly have more of a Pollyanna Pill going on here. Morons.

  14. Reality vs Integrity

  15. I took the red pill. I have been depressed ever since. sometimes I think I wonder what would happen if I never took the red pill. would I be happy like my teenager years? when I walk around the store and see all this useless capitalist junk designed to take up space in your already-full house, it makes you angry. and I then I see all these impoverished families shopping at Walmart. they are at Walmart, buying food with their EBT cards. everything just makes me so angry! everybody is so poor; they are suffering and they are not even aware of it. they are not aware of this crony, corrupt, capitalistic, fascist system that they live in! they are not even aware! nobody is aware! and that is why everybody continues to suffer! everybody is afraid of being themselves, everybody is afraid of opening up, because they are afraid of being belittled or insulted by others. everybody is afraid to take a stand against this system and bring forth something new, because they are afraid. everyone is afraid.

    why don’t adults ever play outside? why do adults just stay in their house all day, watching TV? why do adults feel like the only time they can have fun is if they go outside and spend money? hasn’t our childhood taught us better than that! to live, learn, and have fun? without depending on something superficial like money? this all makes me sick to my stomach and it depresses me every single day. sometimes I wonder if i would’ve been happier staying on the blue pill. its too late now though; I took the red pill and there is no going back.

    • Peace to you and all you love. You are with millions that see illusions of the illuminati. Jesus speaks,of all being revealed in the last days before God takes up those that love one and another. Take the red pill and see that Satan is the Lord of Chaos. Everything you know is a lie including the movie idol worship. Jesus’s scriptures .Will give you comfort and understanding. Jesus said ” For lo, I am with you always, even unto the end,of the world”. Hide Jesus words in your heart and you will be home. Peace. Hope this message finds you that seek.

  16. I would be done what #cypher failed to do. I would take the blue pill only if I chose what I wanted to do.

  17. The rsd pill is when you see the false attacks on any one you dont agree with. The red pill is when you rub the sleep out of your eyes and see Hillary getting millions from foreign countries. The red pill is when you look at every place democratic policy has been in acted and it brings nothing but poverty, crime, lawlessness and hate. The red pill is when you call Tump a racist for wanting a wall but hillary said the exact same thing years back and was never attacked for it. They’ve brainwashed you into hating who they want you to hate so they can make more money

  18. I choose red pill to start working on a better solution for myself for the organisation where i work for the community & for the world. i dont want to remain in a blissfull ignorance & i dont want to maintain illusion that certain responsibilities are not mine, so i choose red pill the way whole world is going, i feel that our community will surfer a lot after 50 years, so to make a simple living of course i choose red pill which is a forever solution & symbol for mantle peace

  19. Vegans have already made the best choice. We have taken the red pill.
    Once you know …… you KNOW ……. and there is no going back.
    We are against violence …… and have no desire for our food to SCREAM for their LIVES.
    To everyone STILL inside the Matrix, PLEASE take the red pill. Their lives depend upon YOUR choice

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